Mark Ervine ART-WORKS

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About Mark Ervine

Mark Ervine was born and raised in East Belfast, Northern Ireland.  

He has been painting murals in Belfast and elsewhere for over 30 years. His art work has shown in galleries in the United Kingdom and New York City.

He frequently paints with youth, engaging them on topics of importance on social issues the experience in their lives such as drug and alcohol abuse, joy riding, racism, social deprivation, and poverty.

In March 2009 the Jigsaw Mural project on which they worked won the Silver Award at the Belfast City Council’s Youth in the Community Award.

He has produced works for private commissions, for gallery shows of his work as well as for shows in tandem with other artists.

He has also produced murals for community events and organizations as well as commercial businesses.

Today, Mark Ervine continues to paint for his community as well as across communities, and painted the set backdrop to the film, 50 Dead Men Walking.


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